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5 SEO Techniques That Drive Organic Traffic

For ecommerce businesses, increasing traffic on their websites is a significant part of their success and being on top of SEO results is the key to gaining traffic. According to Single Grain, hacks from the year 2018-2019 that’ll help you gain front-page results are already outdated and might even hurt your rankings if those hacks land your site on a Google penalty. So, if you fail to stay on top of SEO and fall behind, your competitors would surely zoom past you. In this article, you’ll be able to absorb new updated SEO techniques to help you maintain being in front-page results.

Here are five effective SEO techniques to help you boost your monthly visitors from organic search.

  1. Focus on topic clusters and not on keywords

Since Google keeps on evolving, keywords aren’t prioritized anymore even if it’s still significant for your SEO techniques. Google now wants to understand the intentions of their users meaning they will show results that best relate to their query. Consider knowing your target audience, organizing your content into cluster and lastly research your keywords and use them sparingly.

  • Longer content

Usually, longer content equals to higher ranking. A recent study by Backlinko concluded that the longer the content the higher the likelihood to rank at the top of the SERPs. Nevertheless, this technique isn’t for everyone and is not very necessary because the satisfaction of the user intent is a lot more importance. If your content contains thousands of words but the answer can already be extracted from the first hundred paragraphs, then the other thousand words are useless.

  • YouTube SEO

Most people who use SEO often fail to remember YouTube. YouTube videos  often rank in the top 10 of SEO search results which is not surprising because according to Forbes, YouTube is the second most popular search engine gaining more than 3 billion searches per month.

  • Update and upgrade your old content

Keeping your contents up to date is an important part to maintain your rank. Make sure that you’ll execute a strategy once you’ve updated your old post so it will get attention from audience and watch your page gain organic traffic.

  • Technical optimization

It is important for Google to give their users the best experience. So, if your website has tons of technical issues and sometimes glitch, Google won’t rank your website on number 1 or even put you in the front-page results so always make sure your website is free from any technical issue.

Keeping up with SEO means yearly changing SEO techniques because it is rapidly changing annually. The algorithms of Google constantly renew so you can say Google is becoming strict when it comes to ranking. Still, there’s no need to fret as long as you focus on a quality and solid content then your website should be fine. You can make more money from organic search so always be mindful of keeping your posts and contents updated.

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