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5 Effective Tips on Choosing the Right Keywords

5 Effective Tips on Choosing the Right Keywords

Some may find choosing and thinking of keywords a hard task. They might even question themselves how they might be able to choose the right keyword for their articles as keywords play a vital role in SEO rankings and generating organic traffic. Writers aren’t only struggling with keywords; they are also struggling with writing the article itself.

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The keyword are words and phrases which helps your website be visible on search engines when people mention the keyword you use on their search. Imagine how much organic traffic is wasted when you choose the wrong keyword for your content. But how can you come up with an effective keyword?

Here are five tips on choosing an effective keyword for your article.

  1. Keyword research

Start with a keyword research first before anything else. There are different categories for each keyword which are navigational, informational and transactional or commercial keyword. A navigational keyword is when a search engine is used to look for a certain webpage while an informational keyword is when a searcher uses a search engine for information that is in a form of an interrogative statement. The transactional or commercial keyword is when the searcher wants to make a purchase by searching products or putting in keyword in the search bar which is obviously meant to buy an item.

  • Analyze the competition

Spy on your competitors by knowing which keywords they are using and targeting. Doing so can help you come up with ideas or even a list of it for your own content. Read their content and see the metatags they are using which helps in supporting the keywords they are targeting. Knowing your competitor’s move may help you in being one step ahead of them which is important to stay visible on rankings.

  • Long tail keywords

Familiarize yourself with long tail keywords. It is a combination of three or more words or phrases that are usually more specific. Although long tail keywords tend to get lesser search traffic, it has a higher conversion value for being specific.

  • Make use of keyword research tools

There are plenty of keyword research tool which can help you in choosing an effective keyword. If you’re tight on budget then there’s no need to fret as there are also free keyword research tools you can use such as Google Keyword Planner.

  • Study the results

After gathering the chosen keywords, study them and analyze the results and see if it is effective by seeing the data through keyword research tools. Know how many competitors you have with it and how many people are searching for it.

Effective keywords are very important when publishing a blog article. This is how you can reach your audience through search engines the same way how they can reach you. So, always be mindful of the keywords you are using. Make sure that it can generate you your target traffic and audience. This way, your effort in writing an amazing article won’t go to waste.

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