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3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is a No-Brainer

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways for small businesses to advertise themselves to a wide audience. Some of the benefits of email marketing include ensuring your customers are up to date on what is going on with your business, getting information to the right people quickly and in a cost-effective manner, and effortless marketing with email automation. Here is some more information on reasons to invest in email marketing. 

1. Lists Get the Message to the Right People at the Right Time If you have customers at the beginning of the sale process, and customers at the end of a sale process, chances are they will want different kinds of information to be sent to them. By setting up lists for email marketing, you are able to determine what kinds of emails they should be receiving, and when. This ensures that your clients are never being overloaded with unnecessary information, and helps to show your customers that you are committed to personalizing their experience. 
To make marketing through email for businesses more interesting for the customer, try sending out marketing campaigns that discuss a variety of topics, such as promotions, sales, or educational content.

2. Email Marketing Has Higher ROI According to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $38. This is due to multiple contributing factors, including the all-encompassing nature of email (as a method of communication with a built-in the delivery system), and has to do with the popularity of email. Email is a preferred communication channel, and therefore is a more welcome manner for receiving information or advertising from companies. Email also has a much larger reach than other forms of communication, and has remained popular and will remain popular even with the advancement of technology and the quickly changing world of the Internet. 

3. Time is Money…And Automation is the Answer! Email marketing can be simplified even further through email automation. Ad campaigns can be set up in advance and sent to the appropriate lists automatically when the time comes, allowing you to concentrate on running your business rather than making sure advertisements are sent out on time. Email marketing will help your campaigns stand on their own, and as your content reaches your customer, even if it was sent automatically, it will help drive the conversation for your business.   For more email marketing help, and other information on building your business, visit Endless Revenue Marketing.

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