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3 Developing Social Media Trends to Try in 2020

Because of the vast activities that we can do over social media, whether as a business or as an individual, everyone is willing to get a taste of what it means to be part of social media marketing.  Often, nowadays, everyone is just so into the idea of opening up a business online. But not everyone knows the secret recipe for success in the social media platform.

With so many new and upcoming trends to try, it’s easy to get confused and follow just about everything that you see trending on social media. But are they all effective social media marketing techniques? Are they applicable in all your transactions and business processes? Can they truly help your business rise, or they could be the cause for your business to fail?

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As dynamic as the environment of social media, there are a lot of developing social media marketing strategies that you can try out for 2020. Here are three of the most evolving trends that are making waves in social media marketing for the year 2020:

  • People are not so much into spending long periods of time just to create an effective post. Nowadays, what is more prevalent among posts are status updates on a daily basis that are done through storytelling. This can be observed in Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, Facebook Stories, and other possible social media sites that offer easy and straightforward posting about what you want to tell to the world. 

Such a great opportunity for people to get updated on your latest activities especially within your business. This opens new doors for immediate communication because long posts can be easily covered by other posts from users who are most active daily. With your stories posted separately from regular posts, people may directly inquire and ask for further details about your activities, products, or services that you have featured in your stories.

  • One thing that is quite annoying when it comes to social media is the existence of pop up ads where they just basically show up anytime, just when you are enjoying what you are reading or watching in your timeline. 

As part of the more developed and more refined process that we can observe through social media, people are more appreciative when businesses or companies would connect with them on a personal level with their approach and their chosen social media channels. Gone are the days where interrupting a consumer would force them to make a purchase on a site. Now, consumers can manage and take control of what ads may appear within their timeline.

  • What better way to experience for yourself or at first hand than to get into a website that offers augmented reality in which you can take a peek at what’s happening in the background or in the real world without going into a full virtual reality world. 

With Augmented reality, you can show to the world how big is your office or what happens behind the scenes while the products are being produced in your factory. Or perhaps, you might just be able to take a peek on excerpts of an actual procedure so as to prepare you on how you get to experience the package service that you decided to apply for.

Since 2020 has just started, we can expect to have more developing trends on social media marketing in the upcoming months. Rest assured, we will take note and see the uniqueness of the latest trends that we may apply in the future.

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