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15 Essential Social Media Marketing Buzzwords To Use

The corporate world keeps on evolving, and so is their language. They now use “buzzwords” which are defined by Wikipedia as “technical terms that are catchy or are made memorable through metamorphosis.” You can at least hear a buzzword when talking to a person that is in the business world or read an article that has a buzzword in it. It is important to understand the buzzwords and to use them especially if you’re involved in the corporate world as you might not understand your colleagues when they speak and use it. What are the social buzzwords 2020?

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Here is the list of the 15 social media buzzwords 2020.


This is a frequently used word on SEO articles which is sort of hard to define. It is like a formula to perform a specific task. Google and Facebook has algorithms which constantly changes.


A clickbait’s purpose is to attract the attention of readers with a bait through false advertisements.


Chatbots are a customer service AI software designed to interact with users.

Content shock

The person who coined this term is Michael Schaefer who defined it as “the emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.”

Earned media

A term used after gaining publicity without paying for it.

Ephemeral media

Media that are only accessible for a brief period of time.

Generation Z

People who are aged 22 or younger on 2020 are called Gen Zs.


A type of marketing which targets people who are searching “near me” on search engines.

Live streaming

It is a frequently used word on social media platforms. You may also be familiar with Facebook Live which is an example of live streaming where you can interact with people on the internet in real-time.

Longform contents

These are long, detailed contents that are easy to comprehend for the readers.


This is a term used for individuals who have garnered a thousand or million followers or audience because of their expertise on a specific niche.

Organic reach

When a number of people view your content without paid advertisement, it is called organic reach.

Paid media

This is the opposite of an organic reach wherein a sponsored post is paid to advertise a business.

Shop the Look

A term used when an influencer wears an outfit and people decided to buy it too.

Voice search

The last in the list of social buzzwords  2020. Voice search allows users to search something through speaking instead of typing.

These are the 15 social buzzwords 2020 which you can use when creating social media marketing contents or when conversing with someone from the corporate world. There are a lot more buzzwords that are being used but these are the top 15 social buzzwords that are essential to learn. Keep up with the new terms this year as there might be an addition to it next year.

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