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11 Google News Tips to Increase Ranking, Visibility and Traffic

Almost everything now is hi-tech. Now. newspapers are slowly losing their importance because news can now be read online. Google news can be visited by everyone to read the latest news; but how can it help with your ranking and visibility?

According to Forbes, the site selects and ranks articles based on numerous factors including originality, diversity, freshness, locations, and relevance. Google’s algorithms change often change and evolve to ensure that their users get the best search results.

Below are eleven tips on how to boost your overall traffic on Google news.

  1. Be unique and original

Google values contents that are original and unique so don’t publish rewritten contents because they prioritize the relevant and unique ones.

  • Differentiate

Come up with an original idea and topic of yours. Don’t create contents that a lot of writers have already written.

  • Forecast

People like reading about breaking news trend so figure out how you can keep ahead of knowing the latest news and trend so your content can gain organic traffic.

  • Update and publish fast

They say the early bird gets the worm so if you’re late, then you’ll be missing out a lot of opportunities and your competitors would benefit from your missed opportunity.

  • Headlines

The headlines play a crucial role in gaining traffic because if your headlines aren’t effective enough to catch the attention of people, then your content won’t gain traffic.

  • First paragraph

Your first paragraph should be interesting and you can do this by answering the 5 Ws. Put important details on the first paragraph so readers will know what the content is about.

  • Proper nouns

According to Forbes, in order for news to increase your ranking and visibility, they should notice the “original named entities” on your work that others don’t have on their piece.

  • Click-through rate

When your article receives clicks, Google has a track on its number so make this your top priority.

  • Multimedia

Visual aids such as pictures and video clips are what Google News is looking for in a content. Make sure it is relevant to your written content because using these images have a maximum return on investment when Google tips are followed.

  1. Your brand

The online reputation of your brand will rely on how professionally written your articles are and how professional looking your website is. Your readers and audience will surely anticipate for the contents your brand is writing so be sure to stay consistent in it.

  1. Stay tuned

Create contents about unexpected events and also about what you think your readers will get interested with the most. A diverse and mixed topics may sound good for your readers.

These tips will help you execute a better strategy to improve your ranking and visibility on search results. Using Google trends can help you stay updated on what’s trending and also the keywords you can use. Starting with trending terms that aren’t getting much of attention can make you stand out especially if you’re the first one to write about it. Be unique and original and you’ll be surprised with the amount of organic traffic you’ll gain.

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