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10 Types of Digital Marketing You Should Use

The business industry has grown so much over the years that even marketing can now be done digitally. The massive growth of digital marketing over the years has undeniably increased and is still increasing that a lot of people are still investing in it.

Digital marketing is famous among businessmen because it is cheaper than traditional marketing which costs too much for a lot of things like printing. Now that is has gained popularity among people, digital marketing methods should be discussed. The types of digital marketing may seem unfamiliar for some people.

Listed below are the ten types of digital marketing methods from Shane Barker:

  1. SEM

Search engine marketing promotes website by increasing their visibility on the search engine results usually by the means of paid advertising. It includes SEO and other search marketing tactics.

  • SEO

Keyword research and ranking analysis is important in SEO because it determines whether you’re surpassing your competitors or being left behind. Among all these digital marketing methods, SEO is probably the most well-known among its kind.

  • PPC

Pay-per-click is an advertisement through the help of search engines and whenever your adverts are clicked, you’re automatically charged.

  • Social media marketing

Social media platforms also helps businesses grow their audience. With the amount of people using different social media platforms, the reach of your business is overwhelming but only if you advertise it well. . Through campaigns and targeted ads, your followers would increase and so is the amount of your potential clients.

  • Content marketing

Blog posts are an example of content marketing. The contents could be written post or through video and images as long as the contents are unique and professional. Audience likes reading entertaining and informative contents so make sure to write a high quality content that’s entertaining.

  • Affiliate marketing

This type of marketing lets other people do the marketing for them and pays them either when they successfully converted a lead to sales or when they sold a product.

  • Viral marketing

Going viral on the internet is considered an overnight success because of the amount of organic traffic it could give your website regardless of what strategy they choose to trend.

  • Television advertising

We can watch a lot of advertisements on TV and you can also pay for your ads to be put up and watched by many.

  • Radio advertising

Although radio isn’t a trend anymore, there are still people who listens to it from their car or etc. so radio advertising can still drive traffic to your business.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is still relevant and can be done by sending out emails to a list of recipients for your mail to inform them about your new contents or products and services.

These digital marketing methods are guaranteed to help you and the list is meant to give you a better understanding regarding the types of digital marketing. With enough knowledge on each types, you will be able to choose which type of marketing you’ll want to use for your brand and business.

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