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10 Types of Digital Marketing to Promote a Business

Since technology has been invented, digital marketing has changed the lives of entrepreneurs and businessmen because it made their work easier and less hassle. Ever since digital marketing has gained its popularity, more and more competitors are entering the digital industry every year because of how convenient it is rather than traditional marketing which can be expensive and can only reach local audience. Because of the numerous competitors online, business owners are consistently looking for ways to promote their business online so if you’re one of them, then keep on reading,

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Here are ten types of digital marketing to help you promote your business.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most well-known strategy to promote a business. SEOs such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Helps businessmen promote their company be being on the front-page results.

Search Engine marketing is also another way to advertise your brand in search engines and will appear on the paid search results.

  • SMM

We all know how powerful social media is, so it is not surprising that Social Media Marketing exists and lets you choose a wide variety of platforms to promote your brand on. You can engage with your viewers and it also offers paid advertising to boost your audience reach.

  • Content marketing

This is another type of digital marketing wherein you will publish contents related to your brand to promote it and spread awareness about your brand. Once you’ve finally published it, your viewers can interact with it by sharing and commenting on it. It is important to make sure it’s a high quality content because it’ll help on persuading the audience about how professional your brand is and can gain their trust.

This type of digital marketing is one of the oldest and helps you connect with audiences by sending them emails about newsletter campaigns, confirmation emails, and etc.

  • Online advertising

This type of digital marketing is done by displaying ads on websites which majority of people on the internet is familiar with. The online platform you’ll choose will let you know the data you need such as the audience and demographics.

  • Landing Page Marketing

A landing page, according to SEOptimer is any web page on which visitors land first when they arrived at a website, like homepages. Still, you can create your own specific landing page for your website.

  • Smartphone marketing

This type of digital marketing is one of the most important especially if your desired target audience are younger people. You can do this by sending them text messages and providing free mobile apps for their devices.

With affiliate marketing, you can hire an affiliate and pay them for conversions after they successfully gained a client who purchased from your company.

  1. Viral Marketing

This type of digital marketing uses all of the strategies mentioned above. This is done by creating a content such as a post, video, meme and etc. and make it go viral by making use of platforms and channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blog posts and etc.

A lot of digital marketing strategies will help you promote your business. But choosing the best one that fits your business will give you the best business results. Being able to engage with your audience is significant and this can help in gaining their trust and establish your brand’s credibility. With the number of competitors you have online, thinking thoroughly is important.

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