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10 Kinds of Engaging Video Marketing You Should Try

This year of 2020, the number of consumers watching videos online have incredibly surged. Content marketing transformed and now, video content is considered as content marketing and is one of the best strategies to use to be able to engage with audiences. According to Single Grain, 85% of internet users in the U.S watch video content monthly, 93% of companies claim they gained new customer using video marketing and by 2021, an average person will spend 100 minutes everyday watching videos online.

Listed below are ten kinds of video marketing you should try for the video contents of your brand.

  1. Vlog

Creating a vlog is cheap and efficient. You can even use a high-quality smartphone camera to create one with a dash of good editing skills then you’re good to go. This is perhaps one of the most well-known video marketing strategy for it is very to do even celebrities use it

  • Tutorials

YouTube stars have paved their way to success through tutorial videos. These how-to videos attract a lot of viewers especially on what content they put on their channel or what kind of tutorials they do for example, a make up tutorial.

  • Product review

Reviewing products is another way to market from your videos. Most people who have a high interest on a certain product but are hesitant to buy it because they want to see feedbacks and reviews first would most likely search it online and see the results of the product and the benefits that can be attained from the product.

  • Live streaming

According to Single Grain, live streaming had a 330% increase in searches of live video streaming since 2015 and as a result, 44% of people watch less live TV. Live streaming can be a sports game, breaking news headline or an announcement from an influential person.

  • Interviews

Interview videos are good for establishing brand authority and awareness. It is done similar to a vlog except that it shouldn’t look like it’s scripted.

  • Behind-the-scenes

Can also be considered as brand storytelling. Creating a behind-the-scenes video means showing off your company’s culture to your audience and allows them to forge a connection with your brand.

  • Animation

Animated videos are most used when explaining certain things like a school lesson or a science topic.

  • Testimonials

The goal of a testimonial video is to use a customer who enjoyed the products and services of a certain brand and company and share how happy they are with what the company offers.

  • Video emails

Some people prefer video emails better and it is important to keep the video short.

  1. Contests and giveaways

Everyone knows how people love free things. Contests and giveaways are are a good strategy to attract people to engage with you.

If you don’t know what type of video marketing fits the best for the video contents of your company and brand, then the list above will surely help you. A solid and unique content is the best strategy you can use and think of. Keep in mind what your goals are and focus on your target audience, this way you’ll be able to create videos that will attract them. Always create contents that offers value.

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