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10 Interesting Ways to Better Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is something that all businesses are aiming for. Especially for newly established and small businesses. Because literally, how can you get customers if people are not aware of your brand?

The truth about brand recognition is that it is not easily established. In fact, it takes about five to seven interactions with the same brand for a consumer to be able to recall that brand. That’s according to Pam Moore, in an article she wrote about brand recognition, a few years ago. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

So, how can you guarantee a sure recall for your company’s brand? Here are 10 effective strategies that you can apply in order to have better brand recognition:

  1. Offer a more personalized experience – Consumers prefer making purchases from companies whom they can relate to. If you are able to show them how genuine you are in your intentions of helping them, definitely, people will start remembering your brand as the one who cares about helping find solutions to their problems. Reaching out on a personal level doesn’t have to be expensive. By simply sending a text or email in which consumers have opted to receive from you, you are showing your sincerity in offering ways to help them solve their biggest problems.
  2. Harness the effectivity of social media when it comes to advertising – Your mere presence on social media does not guarantee brand recognition. You’d have to add in some efforts and promote your brand through effective advertising. Once people are aware of what you can offer, they’ll soon recognize your brand and understand how you can help them through your products or services.
  3. Group your market into different divisions – Prospects, audiences, and other site visitors have a different level of possibility for completing a purchase. When you learn to recognize who are more likely to become successful buyers, you’ll be able to target them effectively by educating them on all that you can offer. You can only do this properly if you are able to organize your visitors into segments so as to specify your approach to each division.
  4. Create quality content – Everyone wants to feel empowered and educated. They want to get useful data every time they visit websites or companies offering valuable solutions. Through blogs, articles, ebooks, infographics, and other informative marketing materials, you’ll have a big chance of brand recognition once your readers get hooked on what you can offer them on a daily basis through your content.
  5. Explore possibilities with leads from your existing active users – There are endless opportunities if you only know how to leverage on your active users. When you ask for referrals and give something in return for their efforts, you are promoting loyalty. Through this, you are also able to widen your reach in getting more potential customers for your business.
  6. Leverage on legit social proof – If you want honest and effective recommendations, you can get those from your previously satisfied customers. When you are able to highlight more customer testimonials, it will be easy for their friends and family to trust you the same way that your existing client does.
  7. Establish local partnerships – The saying “No man is an island” is true even in business. Learn to support and offer assistance to other small business owners. You’ll never know how much they can help you when it comes to giving recommendations about your products and services. It will be a win-win situation for both your business once your brands will get the recognition that they deserve.
  8. Provide premium customer service – People will always remember the brand that helped them resolve their concerns immediately. The brand who was open to honest feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated by the masses. This is why you must invest in a solid customer service who will promptly attend to the needs of the customers and prospects.
  9. Don’t be afraid to share your story on why you’re in business – An honest and humble story of how you first started your business will help you gain that brand recognition that you deserve. Once people will realize why you got into that business in the first place, they’ll understand your vision and the goal that you’re trying to achieve.
  10. Always aim for the best – Never settle for second best, just okay, or average. You’d have to aim high in every goal that you’re trying to reach. May it be the quality of your products and services or the processes that you follow, you’d have to make sure that they are streamlined properly and that there will be no known distractions that can penetrate your well-organized system. With carefully planned business processes, achieving your brand’s recognition will not be as difficult as it may seem.

Brand recognition is something that every company has ever dreamed of. And once you are able to achieve that credibility, you’d have to work hard to maintain your brand’s reputation.

It may not be easy to get that brand recognition that you’re longing for. But with continuous efforts and constant improvements for the sake of your brand. It won’t be long for your company to become a household name just like the Fortune 500 companies who are highly recognized in today’s market.

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