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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Design for Higher Conversion Rates

In the digital age, it is crucial for every company to utilize the internet to grow business; however, not all websites are created equal. Successful websites are created with conversion in mind. If your website hasn’t achieved the growth you’d like, these helpful web design tips can stimulate success.  

Social Icons  Over 77% of Americans are on at least one social media site. You should be too. It is a great way for you to connect with your customers on a personal level. If you want to increase your followers list, you can add social icons to your website. These small buttons can be strategically placed on your site, and will link customers directly to your social media pages.

High Quality Media Since Americans love social media so much, we tend to respond to media more than just text. Adding high quality media to your website, such as videos and pictures, can entice a visitor to become a customer. Furthermore, you can share this high quality media on your social sites. By linking the photos back to your website, you can create quality leads. 

Content Sharing Not everything on your website or social media sites has to be original content. You can link to other content, such as blogs or articles. This content should be sharable and related to your company or product in some way. By sharing content, you can garner likes and shares on social media. This will engage your followers, and hopefully turn them into customers.  

Make it Mobile Friendly When you create a website, you typically create it on a desktop computer. However, with over 240 million smartphone users in the U.S., your website will likely be seen on a phone, rather than a computer. It’s important to convert your site into a mobile friendly version. 94% of people use their phones to look up local companies. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, they will find a site that is instead. 

Add Call to Action A call to action button is a crucial part of any website. The call to action should be clear and concise. If you want the customer to call you, add a bright button that says “call now” and immediately initiates a call when pressed. By presenting the customer with a clear call to action, they are more likely to follow through with your request.  Keep it Simple When in doubt, remember to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Your grandma should be able to navigate your website. Clearly label everything and keep important information in plain site. The easier your site is to navigate, the faster customers will be able to buy what they are looking for. 

Share Customer Reviews Customers are more likely to trust their peers than they are to trust your descriptions. Of course you are going to glorify your business and products. After all, you’re trying to turn a profit. However, customers typically don’t have an agenda. By sharing positive reviews, other potential customers will have a positive outlook of your company, and will likely choose to take part in your services. 

Fast & Responsive Slow and steady may have helped the turtle win the race, but the turtle wasn’t running an online business. Customers will not stick around for a slow, unresponsive website. Customers want to get things done fast and efficiently. By having a fast and responsive website, you are more likely to convert leads into customers. 

8 Second Rule As a rule of thumb, you only have 8 seconds to grab a customers attention. That means your front page must be attention-grabbing. Adding pictures, videos, or a compelling call to action can reel customers in.

Choose the Right Colors The right color scheme can make or break your website. There is a reason all of the best social media sites are white and blue. Contrasting, yet soft colors are the nicest colors on the eyes. Furthermore, the colors of your website should emulate your brand. If your logo is red and blue, you may want to use red and blue on your website, so customers recognize your brand right away. Also be sure to utilize white space to draw customers attention to certain aspects of your website, including your call to action. 

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