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10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Must Start Reading

Digital marketing keeps growing over the years. What helps each digital marketing grow are digital marketing blogs that generates organic traffic to their website. These blogs are often informative and entertaining to keep the readers interested with their updates and new blog posts in the future. In this article, we will be providing digital marketing blogs which you can read to gain reference and inspiration in case you’re planning to write your own digital marketing blog.

Below are ten digital marketing blogs which you should start reading as per Blue Fountain Media.

  1. The Moz Blog

The first in the list of digital marketing blogs is The Moz Blog. They provide blog posts that which can help you stay on top of the industry because of their SEO or inbound marketing strategies contents. Even beginners can easily digest and comprehend their works.

  • Content marketing institute

They offer the best advice about how contents can help brands. They provide the best strategies and helpful advices.

  • Marketing Land

They post different content topics and industry news; often informative and relevant.

  • Econsultancy

They have a wide range of knowledge about digital marketing spectrum and also specific niche industries.

  • Kissmetrics

Their contents are about analytics and testing which are all related to marketing. They also posts help create solutions to companies who are seeking for improvement for their online marketing.

  • Convince & convert

They offer different resources which are about digital advertising. What makes them amazing is that they keep their articles short but straight to the point. Their articles and blog posts direct and brief.

  • Socialfresh

They provide alternative media such as podcasts which covers the topic of the blog post. Aside from podcasts, they also provide videos, speeches and presentation at various events.

  • PR Daily News

They combine industry related news and also the events that happened on the world that day. They also offer tech information and are not repetitive on their digital marketing blogs.

  • PSFK

PSFK posts blogs about gadgets and also tech coverage and also shifts to marketing campaigns insights and analysis with a lot of quality information to offer. They are also visually appealing and provides questions and topics that are entertaining for their readers to enjoy. They also provide predictions about the industry.

  1. Blue Fountain Media – The Roi Factor Blog

They discuss different topics about the industry they are in. Their blog posts are also about digital trends, marketing innovation and best practices.

The digital marketing blogs provided above are very helpful for people especially beginners who are looking for blog sites where they are able to grow their digital market. You just have to choose which among the ten sites listed above provides the best blog posts regarding what you need to be able to gain knowledge. Some of them provide straight to the points articles and some of them are good for beginners. Their blog posts are professionally written and guaranteed that they can help you.

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